Go Green?

Question: What does a green house look like? Answer: Similar to any other house on the outside.  But it’s what’s inside that counts. Building a green home starts with site selection.  Tips for an energy efficient site selection: Situate the side of the house with the most windows, usually the back, to face due South. Minimize land … [Read more...]

Top Five Improvements for Americans Remodeling, Not Moving

Americans are staying put and upgrading their homes rather than moving, a trend reflecting the oversupply of the nation’s housing, according to Ron James of Green Builder Media (GreenBuilder Gatekeeper, Oct. 30, 2009).  Citing a recent Census Bureau Quarterly Vacancy Survey, James said there is an “immense need to upgrade, update, and improve the … [Read more...]

5 Steps to Checking Out Your Builder/Remodeler

With the deep recession we’re in, anyone with a pickup truck has gotten into the construction business.  Here’s an example and advice on avoiding getting ripped off by unscrupulous or inexperienced contractors: In January, I completed a sunroom addition in Big Canoe next door to a home that was having a screen porch added.  The homeowner asked … [Read more...]